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Having natural stone tiles in your home can up the sophistication of your design, but to keep them looking great you will need to make sure you’re cleaning and maintaining them properly.

What type of cleaning products should I use on my tile floors?

Natural stone tiles look absolutely stunning, but they do require care and upkeep. First, it is important to remember never to use an acidic or abrasive cleaner on your natural stone tiles. You will want to get a pH neutral cleaner that is specifically designed for natural stone in order to prevent etching and scratching. It’s also always important to use a soft-bristled broom to remove debris before wiping the tiles down or mopping. If sweeping isn’t your preferred method of cleaning, you can also utilize a vacuum specifically meant for hard floors or tile.

Do you clean natural stone shower tile differently than floor tile?

The only difference between natural stone tiles on the wall and the floor is that the wall tiles will not need to be swept. You should however quickly dust them with a microfiber cloth before cleaning them with a solution to ensure that there is no debris remaining. Shower tiles are more likely to get soap scum on them, so it’s important to clean them regularly to prevent heavy build up.

Do I need a professional tile cleaning company?

If you want to keep your natural stone tiles looking immaculate, you are going to need a professional tile cleaning company. Not only will they have the tools and knowledge necessary, but they also have years of experience and know exactly how to get your natural stone tiles looking like new.

Who offers natural stone tile cleaning services in Beverly Hills?

If you need natural stone tile cleaning services in Beverly Hills, you need to turn to the experts at Advanced Stone & Tile Restorations. With years of experience, you shouldn’t trust your natural stone tile cleaning to anyone else in the area!

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If your natural stone tile floors are in need of repair, you should turn to the experts at Advanced Stone & Tile Restorations. We’ve been in the business for years and have the knowledge and experience necessary to get the job done right. With experience working for some of the largest and most prestigious hotels in Southern California, you can trust our expert technicians with natural stone tile cleaning in your home or business.

In addition to natural stone tile cleaning, we can also repair cracks, fill holes, and clean grout lines. Plus, at Advanced Stone & Tile Restorations, we can also polish or seal your natural stone tiles to keep them clean and fresh looking. To schedule your appointment today, contact us at (714) 917-5255!

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