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Your High Traffic Areas May Benefit from Honing

Do you have stone or tile with minor scratches caused by everyday foot traffic? If so, honing is the simple repair process you are looking for. Honing involves grinding the surface to a smooth, flat, and consistent level.

Honing is common in high-traffic areas

For stones with natural shine, such as marble or granite, honing removes the polish or shine for a matte surface. It has little to no reflection and is entirely free of bumps and ridges. Honed surfaces are especially recommended for stairs, floors, and any other location that involves a lot of foot traffic.

Honed tiles and stones are also less slippery which makes them a top choice in areas that are more likely to get wet. They are less likely to be scratched and even when they are scratched, the fact that they do not reflect light the way polished surfaces do ensures that scratches are less visible.

The honing process is entirely dust-free

Honing involves the same type of machine process that we use for grinding. We use diamond abrasive pads and water so that there is no dust. This method offers exceptional results and ensures that you do not have to feel as though you’re living in a construction zone just to get your floors ready for heavy use.

Honing may be followed by polishing

Homeowners who are looking for a solution that will leave their floors resistant to scratching and abrasions may choose honing services and leave them as-is. Other clients may choose honing as a part of the complete restoration process. For these homeowners, once the tile or stone has been honed to an even surface, the project may be completed with polishing and / or sealing.

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