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Sealing is an Essential Part of Protecting Your Stone and Tile

Many types of stone and many tiles should be sealed to look their best and to remain in good shape for years to come. The bad news is that if non-professional sealing is the only line of defense, the look of the stone can be destroyed and the results can be less than impressive. This can even lead to the need for total restoration.

The good news is that Advanced Stone & Tile Restorations is here to offer cost-effective sealant options for all types of stone and tiles. Let us take care of your surfaces by calling us at (714) 917-5255 to begin the process.

We know best practices for sealing stone and tiles

When you choose to work with Advanced Stone & Tile Restorations, you are choosing a top name in the industry. We know how to seal stone and tiles. We know what products work best. We know which techniques will get you the results you want with the lowest cost and least hassle. Whether you are looking for help with a marble countertop or a high-traffic travertine floor, we are here to help.

Count on us to use only the top sealants

There are literally hundreds of sealants on the market. Many of them have serious issues, such as strong odors that can pollute your indoor air quality, or even volatile organic chemicals that can wreak havoc on people with allergies or asthma.

Many of the do-it-yourself products on the market are nothing more than topical sealants. While they may look great for a few weeks or even months, they are just sitting on the surface of the stone. This can lead to serious damage as it prevents the stone from breathing, and it can cause a hazy or streaky look.

There are many benefits to sealing tile and stone

There are many benefits to sealing your tile or stone, including the fact that sealant is a great protector. While your natural stone may look strong and dense, the truth is that it is porous. The more porous it is, the more easily water and acid can get into the stone and stain it. When the stone is sealed, the size of the pores is significantly reduced, which prevents staining and slows down penetration of any liquids or acids that may come into contact with the stone or tile.

Another big advantage of sealing tile and stone is the fact that it simply looks beautiful. When you reduce the size of the pores of the stone, dirt cannot be trapped as easily, which makes it look clean and fresh much longer. You can choose to seal your stone with a clear finish that showcases the natural finish of the stone, or we can use an enhancing sealant that adds a different color or offers a glossy, wet look.

We can seal a wide range of stone and tile surfaces

You can trust Advanced Stone & Tile Restorations to provide a wide range of services for many surfaces including:

Our available services include:

If you are ready to move forward and have your stone or tile sealed then you are ready to reach out to Advanced Stone & Tile Restorations at (714) 917-5255.

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