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When Properly Cared for Terrazzo Can Last for Decades

Terrazzo is becoming more common among homeowners due to its unique look, durability, and ease of care. It is generally made from marble, glass chips, quartz, or granite set in a concrete binder. However, there are a number of stone chips or even different epoxy / acrylic binders that can be used.

There can be great differences in the composition of terrazzo depending on where it was made and who made it. We recommend working with the professionals for all terrazzo care needs. We can consider your unique surface and find the best strategies for care and maintenance. Call Advanced Stone & Tile Restorations at (714) 917-5255 for help with your terrazzo surface.

We use the right products to clean terrazzo surfaces

One of the reasons that terrazzo is chosen is because it is so easy to maintain. That said, it does still need to be cleaned. We recommend regular cleaning at least once a week and deep cleaning on a regular basis. When you contact Advanced Stone & Tile Restorations for terrazzo services, we will assess your unique floor and recommend cleaning agents and maintenance schedules that will give you the desired results.

Terrazzo is porous and should be sealed

A big mistake homeowners can make with terrazzo surface is to fail to seal them. It is true that it looks and feels like a hard surface, but the truth is that terrazzo is very porous and can absorb liquids if not sealed. We use high-quality sealants approved for use with terrazzo. They make the surface less absorbent, which makes it both easier to clean and harder to stain.

Terrazzo polishing can get rid of scratches and etching

Terrazzo is generally very resistant to scratching but it can etch. If this happens then a simple polish is likely to fix the problem. We use a dustless polishing process that gives you the exact surface you want, whether honed or polished, without the mess many associate with stone polishing.

Come to us for help with all your stone surfaces

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