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Not Every Stone Care Company Knows How to Handle Limestone

Limestone is such a beautiful stone that many people assume it is as easy to care for as it is on the eyes. This is not true. In reality, if you want your limestone to look incredible then there is work that needs to be done. This is one of the reasons that you rarely see limestone used for indoor flooring or countertops.

For homeowners who like a bit of weathering and aging, limestone can be a great choice for exterior projects. We often recommend it for building facades, for use in landscaping, and to build entryways. It is affordable, beautiful, and a very traditional choice.

It is also soft and calcium based which means it can become scratched and if it comes into contact with acids it will become etched. It is also very porous, which makes the chances of it being stained very high. The good news about this seeming bad news is that Advanced Stone & Tile Restorations is here to help. We offer all the services you need to keep your limestone looking great for years to come.

You do not have to live with dull or dingy limestone

Due to its porous nature, it is not uncommon for limestone to become dull or dingy over time. This is caused primarily by dirt getting into its large pores. When used outdoors, limestone can also be home to mildew or algae growth.

The best way to handle any of these situations is to let the professionals take care of it for you. At Advanced Stone & Tile Restorations we have the equipment, experience, and cleaners to get the job done correctly without damaging your limestone.

Seal limestone that will be used indoors

As mentioned above, limestone is often not chosen for use on kitchen countertops and other indoor applications because it requires significant upkeep. However, some people do choose to use it in their kitchens because it is heat resistant and offers a unique look. If you have it in your home then we recommend using a sealant that will help make it less absorbent.

Not all limestone needs to be polished – but some does

The most common finish for limestone is a honed, rustic finish. This type of finish does not require polishing. However, some limestone – in particular those that include dolomite – have a shiny polish. If that is the case with your limestone, then it is best to maintain that polish. We use a dust-free polishing process that gets the job done without the mess.

Work with us for help with all your natural stone care needs

No matter what type of stone care you are in need of Advanced Stone & Tile Restorations is the company to turn to. Some of the most commonly serviced materials we work with include:

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