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Help Your Stone Shine with Professional Polishing Services

Polishing your marble or stone is a great way to get the perfect sheen. Polishing enhances the veining in marble and can help protect many types of stone from damage caused by everyday spills and use. When you work with Advanced Stone & Tile Restorations, you can count on our polishing services to use the same compounds we used in the fabrication process to ensure you get the exact results you want.

There are many benefits to a polished stone surface

When you polish your stone or tile, the result is a highly reflective surface. It is a great way to show off how vibrant the colors of the stone are and to highlight the character of the stone. Stones that have been polished are smooth and are generally not particularly porous.

A polished finish allows the true color, depth, and crystal structure of a stone show through. Polished surfaces are great options for busy homeowners because they are both easier to clean and easier to keep free from stains. When stone is polished, the pores are sealed and the surface effectively repeals moisture.

Polishing is a multi-step process

The best way to polish your floor will vary based on the type of surface it is and how serious the damage is. For all floors, we begin by removing stains, etch marks, scratches, and dull spots. If there is buildup from waxes or surface treatments used in the past, we will get rid of them. We will then use our special polishing process to restore the original glossy finish to the floor. The results are a brighter room and newer-looking stone or tiles.

Polishing can get rid of flaws and blemishes in your stone

If you are dealing with stone that has light etches, scuffs or scratches, then polishing may be all that’s needed to get rid of them. If the etches are deeper, then we may need to consider grinding. We work on all types of tile and stone, including:

The right services for your particular stone will depend on its current state and your goals. Some of the most common services we provide include:

If you are ready to move forward and have your stone or tile polished then you are ready to reach out to Advanced Stone & Tile Restorations at (714) 917-5255.

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