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Prevent Damage to Your Stones with Professional Stripping

If your stone is unable to breathe, it can quickly become damaged by spalling. Spalling is a process that results in stones popping, cracking, and shaking. It can be prevented by stripping your stones of coatings that could be blocking your stones from breathing.

At Advanced Stone & Tile Restorations we are proud to be able to help prevent spalling. Just about any coating that is not made specifically for your type of stone can cause spalling, including janitorial waxes used for cleaning and polyurethane used for sealing. Even the natural process of crystallization can result in spalling.

There is help for stonework that has been improperly sealed

When you choose stripping services for your stone, we can revitalize and protect stone that has been improperly sealed. We use a chemical sealer stripper that is made specifically for commercial use. It breaks down the old sealer without damaging your stone. We then clean the sealant and residue for a perfectly smooth surface.

Stripping works best in conjunction with other services

Stripping is often just one step in a multi-step process designed to restore your stone. While it gets rid of sealants and other coatings that could be damaging your stone, it also gets rid of any protection your stone has. It can leave the stone vulnerable to many types of damage. This is why stripping is most often one step in a process that involves polishing, sealing, and restoration.

In fact, at Advanced Stone & Tile Restorations we offer a full host of tile and stone restoration services including:

We can help with the protection, maintenance, and restoration of a wide range of natural stone materials including:

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