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Marble Floor Polishing in Los Angeles CA

Marble Floor Polishing in Los Angeles CA

Trust an experienced company for marble floor polishing in Los Angeles CA

Marble Floor Polishing If you hare having issues with your marble floor, whether it has become dull or it’s too shiny, whether you have a brand-new floor with some tiles that are glosser than others are a hundred-year old floor that needs some TLC, Advanced Stone & Tile Restorations can help. Read on to discover more about our marble floor polishing in Newport Beach CA. Then contact us at (714) 917-5255 for your consultation.

Trust us for any finish with marble floor polishing in Los Angeles CA

Maintenance Repair Tips

There are many potential finishes you could have for your marble flooring. Each has its own benefits and its own beauty. Many clients prefer to have the polished, gloss-like finish that marble is perhaps most well known for. Others prefer a unique matte finish. Others like a semi-gloss finish that’s the best of both worlds. Whatever your preference, you can count on Advanced Stone & Tile Restorations to offer a full range of finish options with our marble floor polishing in Los Angeles CA.

What can marble floor polishing in Los Angeles CA help with? Just about anything!

At Advanced Stone & Tile Restorations we get calls for marble floor polishing in Los Angeles CA for a number of reasons. Some homeowners need to have their uneven finishes evened out. Others have noticed that spots have developed on their floors, or that certain areas have become dull. It could even be as simple as a scratch or etch on the floor. Whatever it is, if your floor is not as beautiful as it could be then polishing can help.

Marble can be more vulnerable than many homeowners realize

It is true that marble is a hard-crystalline rock. It is made of calcium carbonate, which is the same material that is in hard water deposits. You can find marble in just about any color and it comes from a wide range of locations. One of the great things about a natural stone like marble is that it can last a lifetime. However, this is only true if it is properly maintained.

Marble is an acid-sensitive stone. This means that it can be damaged – or even dissolved – if it comes into contact with acidic substances. This can include tomatoes, vinegar, and any type of citrus fruit. If it has become damaged due to contact with any of these or other substances then cleaning and marble floor polishing in Los Angeles CA is in order.

Turn to the experienced company for help with marble floor polishing in Los Angeles CA

Coupon Your local house cleaning service or janitor does not have the tools or expertise to properly clean marble, let alone polish it. For that, you need a company that specializes in natural stone care. You need Advanced Stone & Tile Restorations. We provide a full range of services for marble and other stones. Call us now at (714) 917-5255 to request your free consultation and quote.