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Natural Stone Restoration Company in Irvine CA

Natural Stone Restoration Company in Irvine CA

We create a unique restoration plan for each client

Natural Stone Restoration CompanyWhen you choose Advanced Stone & Tile Restorations as your natural stone restoration company in Irvine CA, you are choosing a company that will create a truly customized plan for your project. No two pieces of stone are identical and their needs are not the same. In some cases, natural stone that appears to be in terrible shape needs nothing more than to be cleaned.

In other instances, we may need to strip off past cleaners and products, repair holes and cracks, stain it, and seal it. You can count on us to take the time to carefully assess your specific stone and to listen to your needs. We can then provide a comprehensive restoration plan that works to get you the results you want within the budget you can afford.

A natural stone restoration company in Irvine CA that can help with it all

Maintenance Repair Tips

We offer a wide range of services so that you can get the results that work perfectly for your needs. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Stone fabrication. We will thoroughly measure the space and prepare it for installation. Only when we are sure we understand your vision and have properly prepped the area do our installers lay the stone and adhere it to the surface.
  • Hole and crack repair. We can find the unique repair process that will work best for the hole or crack in your stone. Honing is often an option, but alternative repair methods may need to be considered as well.
  • Grinding. If you are tired of dealing with uneven tile edges, then you will appreciate our grinding services. We can get rid of that lippage and remove scratches – even deep ones. We use a machine process including diamond abrasive pads and water. This provides the best results and is 100% dust free.
  • Honing. Do you have stone or tile with minor scratches caused by everyday foot traffic? If so, honing is the simple repair process you are looking for. As with grinding, we use a machine process including diamond abrasive pads and water that creates no dust.

These are just a few of the services available from a natural stone restoration company in Irvine CA.

Are you ready to learn more from a natural stone restoration company in Irvine CA?

Coupon If you have questions about the right restoration services for your needs then your next call should be to Advanced Stone & Tile Restorations  at (714) 917-5255. We can work on any type of natural stone you have, from travertine to marble, from tile to granite. Once you’ve let us know what your needs are, we can assess the current state of your stone to provide a unique, customized plan for your stone.