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Marble floors are not cheap and it’s understandable that you always want them to look their best. However, that takes some effort on your part and might even require the help of a professional natural stone restoration company at some times. Keep reading to learn about how you can best take care of your marble floors. 

How often should I clean my marble floors?

You should sweep or dust and mop your marble floors every day, but you can stretch it to every other day if necessary. This will remove debris that can scratch your marble floors. You should also address any spills right away, especially if it is an acidic liquid that can etch your marble. When cleaning your marble floors, always use a pH neutral cleaner. Acidic cleaners will etch your marble and cause it to dull. It is also important to wipe marble floors dry when you’re done cleaning to prevent the water from seeping into the porous rock, which can cause stains. Be sure to use a fluffy microfiber towel to do so to prevent scratches. 

Do I need a professional to clean and polish my marble floors or can I do it myself?

While cleaning your marble floors is likely something that you can handle on your own, polishing is another story altogether. You might think polishing a marble floor is not necessary, but it is actually recommended for many reasons. Not only will it enhance the appearance and shine of your marble floors, but it will also diminish the ability of the marble to absorb liquids and stain. You can attempt to polish marble floors on your own, but that would be a mistake as a professional has the tools and knowledge to do a far better job.

Who offers marble floor polishing in Los Angeles, CA?

If you want marble floor polishing in Los Angeles, CA, you need the experienced professionals at Advanced Stone & Tile Restorations on the job. We have been in business since and have worked for some of the largest and most sophisticated hotels and resorts in Southern California. Don’t trust your expensive marble floors with anyone who isn’t Advanced Stone & Tile Restorations!

If You Need Marble Floor Polishing Services in Los Angeles, CA, Contact Advanced Stone & Tile Restorations Today!

If you need marble floor polishing in Los Angeles, CA, you should trust the experts at Advanced Stone & Tile Restorations. With over years of experience, we have the knowledge and tools necessary to do a stellar job. At Advanced Stone & Tile Restorations, we know how much marble floors cost, which is why we do our best to get them looking brand new for you with our Los Angeles, CA marble floor polishing services.

If you are interested in restoring your marble floors to their former glory with our marble floor polishing services, contact us today at (714) 917-5255 to get a quote or schedule an appointment.

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