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5 Problems With Your Natural Stone That Advanced Stone and Tile Restorations Can Fix 

Natural stone surfaces are absolutely stunning, but the costly products are often delicate and need to be carefully maintained. Unfortunately, there are many common issues that those with natural stone surfaces have to deal with. The good news is that with a professional stone restoration company in Southern California like Advanced Stone and Tile Restorations, you can have these problems fixed and get your natural stone surfaces looking brand new again.

  1.  Etching

  2. Etching is a white spot that is created when acidic liquids like orange juice, vinegar, and liquor are spilled on marble counter tops. While granite is acid-resistant, marble and limestone will actually etch very easily and over time those whitish spots can become quite bothersome. While you can help prevent etching by using coasters, cleaning up spills quickly, and utilizing only cleaners approved for natural stone, if etching is present there is little you can do to remedy the situation without the help of a professional stone restoration company like Advanced Stone and Tile Restorations.

  3.  Stains

  4. Certain types of stone surfaces can stain easily if they are not sealed correctly. Drinks like red wine, foods like spaghetti sauce, ink, oil, and even rust can cause stains on your natural stone surfaces. Most of these stains can be removed, but they will require a professional stone restoration provider like Advanced Stone and Tile Restorations.

  5. Loss of Shine

  6. Over time your granite and marble surfaces can lose their shine. This is typical and attributed to normal wear. Over time, rocks, sand, dirt, and debris brought in on the bottom of shoes can act like sandpaper, continually wearing the polish of the floor down. Thankfully, Advanced Stone and Tile Restorations offers polishing services to restore your surfaces to their former shining glory.

  7.  Yellowing Surfaces

  8. Stone can yellow over time for different reasons. Embedded debris and grime or built up wax can give your surfaces a yellow appearance, but certain stones will actually yellow themselves as they age due to oxidation. For those with white marble surfaces, this can certainly detract from the overall look. While yellowing due to age or iron oxidation cannot be reversed, if your surfaces are yellowing for other reasons, Advanced Stone and Tile Restorations can provide cleaning services to get them looking like new.

  9. Cracks and Chips

  10. If you have any cracks or chips that developed in your stone over time, whether it’s due to bad installation, settling or poor support, Advanced Stone and Tile Restorations can help repair them with a color-matched polyester or epoxy.

If you are experiencing any of these issues with your natural stone, contact Advanced Stone and Tile Restorations to get them fixed!

Natural stone is delicate, but thankfully Advanced Stone and Tile Restorations is here to help. We offer professional stone and tile restoration services to help you keep your surfaces looking like they were just installed. We offer services including repairing holes and cracks, removing tile lippage and deep scratches, honing to remove minor scratches and etching, polishing, sealing, stripping, color enhancing, and even grout cleaning and sealing. Contact the tile and stone experts at Advanced Stone and Tile Restorations today at (714) 917-5255 to get on the schedule!

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