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Floor Restoration Los Angeles CA

Floor Restoration Los Angeles CA

Turn to the professionals for floor restoration in Los Angeles CA

Floor RestorationDo you love the way your natural stone looks? If your answer was anything less than an enthusiastic “Yes!” then it is time to consider floor restoration in Los Angeles CA. When you work with Advanced Stone & Tile Restorations, you can count on comprehensive services and a restoration plan created specifically for your needs in mind. Keep reading to find out about some of the services and then contact us at (714) 917-5255 for a quote.

Cleaning is the first step in the process of total floor restoration in Los Angeles CA

While many services may be needed for complete floor restoration in Los Angeles CA, you will be surprised to see how much of a difference a deep cleaning can do. This is much more significant than any cleaning you can do with your cleaning tools. It is a much deeper cleaning than you should expect from a local house cleaning company that does not specialize in natural stone floors. In many cases, a deep cleaning is almost all that’s needed for a total restoration.

We can repair holes, cracks, minor blemishes, and more

Maintenance Repair Tips

Once the floor is clean, we can take a closer look to see what type of services will work best for your floor restoration in Los Angeles CA. This may include hole and crack repair during which we see if honing is the right choice, or if deeper, more severe steps should be taken.

The issue is that you have deep scratches or uneven tile edges (often referred to as lippage) then grinding is likely the answer to deal with the issue. At Advanced Stone & Tile Restorations we use a unique grinding process with diamond abrasive pads and water. It gets you the results you want but does not cause dust and debris that other grinding methods can. We will also consider honing, which gets rid of minor scratches that generally occur from simple everyday traffic. This process also involves diamond abrasive pads and water.

We’ll finish the floor restoration in Los Angeles CA with protective measures

Getting your floors restored is just part of the process – we must then work to ensure that they stay in great shape for years to come. We can do this by polishing them to a matte finish, a glossy finish, or anything in between – depending on your particular type of flooring. We are also likely to recommend sealing your floors to prevent future wear and tear, and you can even add color enhancements or staining to dramatically change the look of your stone.

Call now to learn more about floor restoration in Los Angeles CA

Coupon Are you ready to get the process started? Have you heard about options you want to discuss with us? Are you curious to know what the best choices will be for your unique flooring? Then contact Advanced Stone & Tile Restorations at (714) 917-5255 now and request a consultation.