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Floor Restoration Laguna Beach CA

Floor Restoration Laguna Beach CA

Now is the time to learn more about floor restoration in Laguna Beach CA

Floor RestorationIf you have a natural stone floor that has seen better days then now is the time to consider floor restoration in Laguna Beach CA. At Advanced Stone & Tile Restorations we create a unique plan based on the particular type of floor you have and the types of restoration it needs. Read on to learn about some of the restoration services we offer. Then contact us at (714) 917-5255 to get started.

You may be amazed by the results of a deep cleaning

While everyone will get a unique, personalized plan for total floor restoration in Laguna Beach CA, a deep cleaning is often the first step. Even if you have cleaned your floors as well as you can, or if you have hired a local cleaning company to do so, the reality is that only a company like Advanced Stone & Tile Restorations that specializes in natural stone cleaning can provide the type of cleaning that can get you halfway to floor restoration.

We provide comprehensive repair services for your natural stone flooring

Maintenance Repair Tips

It is often the case that once we can get a clear picture of your clean floor, there may be hole and crack repair services required. These are not part of every plan for floor restoration in Laguna Beach CA, and each plan we move forward with will have unique repair options. In some cases, a quick honing does the job. In other instances, more may be required.

For lippage (i.e. uneven tile edges) or deep scratches, we generally use our unique grinding process. It involves diamond abrasive pads and water, which gets the results we’re looking for but without all the dust that other methods create. Honing is also done with the same materials, but it is designed to get rid of minor scratches caused by everyday wear and tear.

We can complete your floor restoration in Laguna Beach CA with polishing, staining, and sealing

Once we have your floors restored to their former glory, it may be time to finish up with polishing and sealing, depending on the type of stone you have. You may also want to invest in staining or color enhancing services. Polishing gives your stone the finish you want, whether anything from matte to glossy, and sealing helps ensure that the investment you make into your floors today lasts for years to come.

Get the personalized answers you need for questions about floor restoration in Laguna Beach CA

Coupon If you are ready to see your natural stone floor look as incredible as it possibly can then you are ready to reach out to Advanced Stone & Tile Restorations at (714) 917-5255. We can assess the current state of your stone and offer solutions to get it restored to the exact look you want. There are options that can fit within a variety of budgets and we will personalize our plan to your specific floors. Call us now to get the process started.