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Travertine Floor Cleaning in Anaheim CA

Travertine Floor Cleaning in Anaheim CA

You won’t believe the difference it can make when you invest in travertine floor cleaning in Anaheim CA

There is no question about it: Travertine is one of the most beautiful natural stones in the world. This is why designers across the world want to use it and why it is used to so frequently in homes. With a unique appearance in every instance, always in an understated palette of earthy tones, the unique colors of this option are beautiful. That said, without proper travertine floor cleaning in Anaheim CA, these floors can quickly lose their beauty.

It is important to remember that travertine is a soft, calcium-based stone. This leaves it vulnerable to staining as well as scratching and etching. While this may give some homeowners pause when deciding if they should include it in their design, the good news is that Advanced Stone & Tile Restorations is here to offer a full range of services including travertine floor cleaning in Anaheim CA.

Travertine floor cleaning in Anaheim CA can get rid of any mold issues

Maintenance Repair Tips

Travertine flooring is popular in bathrooms but there is one major downside: Mold can thrive on it when the stone is installed in moist environments. The good news is that you can quickly deal with this – without damaging the stone – by contact Advanced Stone & Tile Restorations for help with travertine floor cleaning in Anaheim CA. We can also treat the stone so that mold growth is prevented in the future.

Travertine floor cleaning in Anaheim CA is just the first step

Travertine Floor CleaningWhile at Advanced Stone & Tile Restorations we are proud of our many years of service providing comprehensive cleaning services for all types of natural stone, including travertine, in some cases cleaning is just one of the services you need. We can help with all the following and more:

  • Maintenance. Once we have your travertine in top shape, we can set up regular maintenance cleanings and service appointments to keep it in top shape.
  • Polishing. It doesn’t matter if the finish of your travertine is honed or polished, it will likely become scratched, worn, or etched over time. We can provide polishing and other refinishing services utilizing diamond abrasive compounds and water for a dust-free polish.
  • Repairs. Travertine is soft and it has many natural holes. As a result, it may require repair. We can fill it any chips or holes much better than you can accomplish using a low-quality DIY kit that could potentially do more harm than good.
  • Restoration. If you have travertine that has seen better days, travertine floor cleaning in Anaheim CA may not be enough. We can assess your floor’s state and offer a comprehensive plan to get it back to its best side.
  • Sealing. Due to the fact that travertine is porous, sealing it can help reduce the pore size and ensure that it is both less likely to get dirty and easier to clean.

Does this list help you better understand the many options available to you in addition to travertine floor cleaning in Anaheim CA? We hope you will call Advanced Stone & Tile Restorations at (714) 917-5255 now to learn more about the right services for your travertine flooring.